Would you like to offer the highest quality patient and client service – without major changes to your set up? Small adjustments, tailored specifically to your practice, can give fantastic results.

Client centricity

We now know that the most important factor in running a successful practice is focus on the client experience. This experience will determine the client's future choices. Good client communication is an important factor for success in small animal practice.

What can InsightPraxis offer your clinic?

We are an innovative team of skilled specialists. Our work is always specifically tailored to the individual clinic and includes:

  • Client centricity – focus on client centered communication

  • Client satisfaction survey – focus on the client experience at the clinic

  • Health visits and preventive care – focus on pet health

  • Telephone training – focus on client communication

  • Marketing your clinic – focus on branding and visibility

  • Employee workplace assessment – focus on employee satisfaction

  • Practice health check 360°


Client centricity

Is it important that the client has a good experience?

Yes – absolutely. An optimal client experience is a very important focus area. A large study, with a database of more than 5500 veterinary hospitals, where data from the last 10 years was analyzed, showed that: The most significant factor differentiating the successful practices from other practices, is focus on strong and lasting client relationships.

What exactly does the “successful practice” do better than others?

They strengthen their client focus - They communicate the value of health visits and preventive care - They are good at attracting and retaining clients

What is the best way to achieve success in small animal practice?

A work culture focusing specifically on client communication, where everybody focuses on giving the client a good experience, is crucial for best possible success in veterinary practice.

Client satisfaction survey

Why is it important to carry out client satisfaction surveys?

Client satisfaction is important for your practice because only really happy clients, who are more than satisfied, are loyal clients. Loyal clients are necessary for profitability and success of a service oriented business and contribute to your practice in several ways:

  • Repeat business is derived from subsequent visits

  • Loyal clients become less price sensitive. They are far less likely to be attracted to lower priced competitors

  • Loyal clients purchase more services than non-loyal clients

  • Loyal clients cost less to serve. They trust the services you offer

  • Loyal clients recommend your practice to others.

Practices that have a strong, loyal client base are often those committed to continuously working towards achieving client satisfaction. They measure client satisfaction at regular intervals, to identify how they can make a difference.

The practice is sending the client an important massage: “We care what you think and will work towards providing optimal care and service for you and your pet.”

Health visits and preventive care

The old pattern and belief "Veterinarians are here to take care of sick animals" need to be changed to "Veterinarians take care of all animals."

Clients should never doubt that the best place for them to receive advice and guidance regarding optimal health maintenance for their pet is the local veterinary clinic or hospital. Clients appreciate good information regarding optimal care, behaviour, exercise, nutrition, neutering and parasite prevention – and they appreciate to be able to get good and comprehensive answers to all their questions.

When marketing services, it is recommended to divide the patients into 2 groups:

1. Sick pets (about 3% of the pet population)

2. Healthy pets, where good health should be maintained (about 97% of the pet population) – great potential

The pets with health issues  are brought to the vet when the owner decides there is a need. When these pets come to the vet, they should be offered best possible diagnostics and treatment.

The healthy pets  are brought in because of excellent client communication, branding, marketing and referrals. In general, it is recommended to focus much more on this group in external communication from the practice. Many owners want good and accurate information, and this information is not always easy to find.

A large study, based on more than 5500 practices over a 10 year period showed, that practices focusing on preventive health care performed significantly better than practices that did not focus on preventive health care.

Telephone training

The telephone is the central working instrument in the practice.

What is the best way to answer the telephone, what can be done more efficiently, so it results in more clients and more pets entering your clinic?

Experience shows, that a reprogramming of some of the less effective communication patterns, you may have become accustomed to at the clinic, to much better habits, in itself will increase the number of consultations and transactions.

We will work with structured communication that everyone can relate to and which can be used as a basis when answering the telephone. Break old habits and learn new and better habits. The goal is increased service focus and optimal patient and client care.

Telephone training ½ day – focus on client communication

Telephone training 1 day – focus on concept development and client service


Branding and visibility

We work with branding of your clinic, visibility and differentiation of your clinic and your services from others. Based on feedback from pet owners and experience from both Denmark and abroad.

Why should a pet owner choose to contact you?

  • Your practice is visible

  • Your practice has been recommended to the pet owner

The 3 most important considerations for pet owners, when they choose a vet:

  • Do they understand me?

  • What type of clinic is this?

  • What can they do for me and my pet?

It is important to provide good answers to these questions.

Employee workplace assessment

InsightPraxis can help you conduct your workplace assessment and find out how your employees rate their working environment. The questionaire is downloaded on a tablet, or a link to the questionnaire is sent to the individual employee. In both cases, the employee will remain anonymous. You will therefore get honest feedback and obtain a real picture of employee satisfaction. Our workplace assessment includes areas such as communication, recognition, co-operation, role clarity and motivation.

Satisfied and motivated employees are the main assets of the practice. It is important to ask about and to understand the needs of your employees, and not just think that you already know. You need to find out what they rate as good sides of their job and what they rate as less attractive.

It starts with insight. Our workplace assessment will help identify what can be successfully offered/implemented and how to keep your employees happy – with support from your team.

Practice health check 360°

Are you taking advantage of your potential and investigating your possibilities? Do you know what your potential and possibilities are? You may need to monitor temperature and pulse of your practice. Get inspiration from a colleague who looks at your clinic from “the outside” and from “the client’s perspective”. Learn more about what other high performing clinics are doing.

Choose which elements you want to include in your 360° practice check:

  • Client satisfaction survey: You ask all your clients to answer a questionnaire tailored to your clinic.

  • Employee workplace assessment: Measurement of employee satisfaction.

  • Clinic visit/observation: Half or full day audit of the practice. Afterwards you receive suggestions and material for further practice development.

  • Partners’ meeting: Presentation of results and discussion with practice owners.

  • Inspiration meeting – whole practice team: An Inspiration meeting for the whole practice team is a good kick-off to move forward.

For small animal practitioners working
towards long-term success

How do you achieve long-term success in Small Animal Practice?

A work culture focusing specifically on strong and lasting client relationships is essential for long-term success. If you at the same time increase your focus on preventive health care, you will reach your target.

At an introductory meeting, I can show you how to achieve:

  • Better economic long-term success

  • Better diagnostic work-up and treatment of your patients

  • Better compliance from your clients

  • Increased job satisfaction for everybody at the clinic


By building strong and lasting client relationships and increasing your focus on preventive health care.

Why am I so confident that I can help?

During the last 4 years, I have analysed feedback from thousands of clients who have visited the vet with their pets. This feedback, along with AAHA's Report (based on 5500 practices, where data was collected over a period of 10 years), clearly show that:

When you choose to follow my recommendations and implement the correct actions and adjustments in your daily routine, you will already be well underway. These actions will NOT require investment in expensive equipment and you will NOT compromise your professionalism.

The optimal client experience

InsightPraxis will give you insight, inspiration and knowledge, so you will be able to offer your clients the optimal client experience every time they visit you. This is the most important factor in your long-term strategy for success. InsightPraxis can make a difference.