As a supplier to veterinarians it is essential for you to know how your customers assess your service and your products. What makes your customers select you? How can you offer best possible service? How do you get loyal customers?

Most suppliers believe they offer good service. Do the customers agree?

"80% of CEOs believe their business delivers a superior customer experience, while only 8% of their customers agree."
Research conducted by Bain & Company and Satmetrix

How important is it, that your customers are "satisfied"?

"Up to 80% of customers who take their business to another company think of themselves as “satisfied” before switching suppliers."
Research conducted by Bain & Company

A satisfied customer is not necessarily a loyal customer. A satisfied customer will not necessarily recommend you. If you want loyal customers, it is important that they are more than just satisfied – therefore, aim to make them happy!


Customer satisfaction survey

If you want loyal customers, it is important that they are more than just satisfied – therefore, aim to make them happy!

"Unless you work very hard at providing a good customer experience and work equally hard at being there for your customers, loyalty can be very hard to achieve. The competitor will quickly become the preferred choice if the customers do not feel that they get something extra from you." -Scandic Hotels

Why is it important to have loyal customers?

  • Loyal customers trust you and buy more from you

  • Loyal customers are much less likely to be attracted by competitors

  • Loyal customers are less price sensitive

  • Loyal customers recommend you and refer new customers to you

  • It is cheaper to retain loyal customers than to attract new customers

A Customer Satisfaction Survey is therefore an important management tool. It can be used to get valuable feedback from your own customers and you can also offer sponsored customer satisfaction surveys as a reward to your key accounts.

Advice – Your customers

As a supplier to veterinarians there are many unanswered questions when it comes to activities such as introducing a new product or a new service, the best possible marketing of your products and many, many other things, too numerous to mention.

We often get questions like:

  • What do veterinarians feel about ......?

  • How will veterinarians accept ......?

InsightPraxis can help you uncover the information you need. We can be your external sparring partner and/or visit your customers to uncover the information you need.

Each assignment is individual and deserves individual attention. Contact us for an informal talk where we discuss what your needs are and what the assignment involves.

Employee workplace assessment

InsightPraxis can help you conduct your workplace assessment and find out how your employees rate their working environment. We conduct the survey on tablets, which means that you will get honest feedback and therefore obtain a real picture of employee satisfaction. Our workplace assessment includes areas such as communication, recognition, co-operation, role clarity and motivation.

Happy and motivated employees are the main assets of your business

It is important to ask about and to understand the needs of your employees, and not just think that you already know. You need to find out what they rate as good sides of their job and what they rate as less attractive.

It starts with insight. Our workplace assessment will help identify what can be successfully offered/implemented and clarify how to keep your employees happy – with support from your team.

Sale of over-the-counter products through veterinary practices

Are you responsible for sale of diets, supplements, wellness products etc. through veterinary clinics and hospitals to pet owners?

Pharmaceutical companies and pet nutrition companies who sell their products through veterinary practices have unique challenges if they want to achieve best possible sale of their products.

Why? Because these products usually are evidence based, of high quality and very effective, which means that the products have a price that matches their high quality. In order to be able to communicate features, benefits and effectiveness of these products to the client, it is important that the health care team has excellent technical knowledge of the products - AND THAT EVERYBODY CAN COMMUNICATE THIS INFORMATION IN A RELEVANT AND MEANINGFUL WAY TO EACH INDIVIDUAL CLIENT.

Pharmaceutical companies and pet nutrition companies prepare informative and comprehensive technical information for veterinary health care teams.

Veterinary clinics and hospitals also receive articles and statistical information to support this information, and often a client brochure with information to the client regarding how to use the product.

In other words, the supplier has more than met the needs for technical information and has also provided good and meaningful guidance to the pet owner. If the practice wants additional technical information, the company representative is usually very efficient and delivers the needed information quickly. The supplier now waits for excellent sales results. After all, their product has been well received at the practice and the health care team seemed happy. Unfortunately, the expected sales do not always materialise, and often the supplier has to admit that even though the product is great, the number sold did not meet expectations.

At this point, the supplier asks the obvious question: “Why are veterinary practices unable to sell more of this amazing product?”

It is this particular question, I would like to help find an answer to in order to help good veterinary suppliers to find a better way to market their product.

The optimal customer experience

InsightPraxis will give you insight, inspiration and knowledge, so you will be able to offer your costumers the optimal costumer experience every time they do business with you. This is the most important factor in your long-term strategy for success. InsightPraxis can make a difference.