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If you can't explain it
simply, you don't
know it well enough.

Albert Einstein


A dog can express more with his tail
in minutes than his owner can
express with his tongue in hours.



The best vision is insight.

Malcolm Forbes


Genius is one percent
inspiration and ninety-nine
percent perspiration.

Thomas A. Edison


It is not the strongest that survives.
It is the one that is the most
adaptable to change.

Charles Darwin


Just because you make noise in
my direction, don't think that
you are communicating.

David Gordon, American filmmaker


Dogs´ lives are too short.
Their only fault, really.

Agnes Sligh Turnbull


The road to success is
always under construction.

Lily Tomlin, actress


How do your patients/clients/ customers experience your business? What are their expectations?

InsightPraxis will focus on your business and help you gain insight. We know your customers.


You can obtain knowledge and inspiration to optimize the patient/client/customer experience.

The basis for future development of your business.


Would you like to offer high quality patient/client/customer service?

We can help. Small adjustments can give big results.


Would you like to offer excellent patient and client service? We now have evidence to show that the client experience at the clinic makes a huge difference.

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Pet nutrition

The pet food market is constantly evolving. A good understanding of the entire pet food market is essential for success.

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Dog owners

Find out what you can do to give your dog the best odds for a long and healthy life. You can make a difference by keeping your dog mentally and physically sound.

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It is essential for you to know, how your customers assess your service and your products. You need to work proactively to keep your customers happy.

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You can really make a difference by optimizing the patient experience both before and during a visit to the clinic.

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It is important to understand, how patients perceive a visit to their GP and the treatment they receive.

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