Dog owners

Find out what you can do to keep your dog healthy

Each individual dog owner can in many ways contribute to optimal health and life quality for their dog. If you want to know more about dogs generally and you specifically want to know what you can do to give your own dog the best odds for a long and healthy life, then please read on. I would like to help.

I have worked professionally with dogs for more than 20 years. During this time, my focus has changed from treating ill dogs to preventing health and behaviour issues in all dogs. The owner plays a very important part in this work. Excellent co-operation between dog owner and vet can make a huge difference for an individual dog. Large scale research as well as my own experience clearly show that each and every dog owner actively can contribute to the health and longevity of their own dog. To do this, you need knowledge about your dog’s requirements for mental stimulation as well as how to keep your dog fit and healthy throughout life.

I would very much appreciate the opportunity to share my knowledge and expertise with smaller or larger groups of dog owners. We can discuss the exact topics you want – as long as focus is on optimal health and life quality for our dogs. I am an experienced speaker and I always tailor my presentation to the individual group of participants. We identify together where you want to start, and I target all communication to your interests and your level of knowledge. That way you are guaranteed information that is understandable, relevant and meaningful for the individual dog owner.

Please call me for an informal chat and a topic list. Alternatively, you may wish to use the contact form. Looking forward to hearing from your club or association - or any other group of people who take an active interest in keeping dogs healthy.