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It is important to understand how patients perceive a visit to their GP and the treatment they receive.

The patient experience will generally be rated much higher if communication with the practice, both prior to the visit and during the visit at the clinic, is optimized. Both telephone communication and in person communication are very important factors when patients rate their experience.

What can InsightPraxis offer GPs?

We are an innovative team of skilled specialists. Our work is always tailored specifically to the individual practice and includes:

  • Patient satisfaction surveys

  • Employee workplace assessment


Patient satisfaction survey

In Denmark, method of choice when GPs conduct a patient satisfaction survey is up to the individual practice. Danish Patients Evaluating Practice (DanPEP) or other relevant concept can be selected. The scope should be limited and the content relevant for all involved parties – doctor, patient and regional government. It is important to obtain high quality measureable data that can be used for statistical analysis. A flexible questionnaire is preferable, where both standard questions and, if desired, specific questions pertaining to the individual practice can be asked.

How do patients experience a visit to their GP? How do you know if their experience lives up to their expectations? You ask your patients to participate in a satisfaction survey. Carried out quickly, easily and anonymously while the patient is at the clinic.

When patients are asked to evaluate how the practice delivers care and service, the practice is sending the patient an important massage: “We care what you think and will work towards providing optimal care and service for you.”

Employee workplace assessment

InsightPraxis can help you conduct your workplace assessment and find out how your employees rate their working environment. The questionaire is downloaded on a tablet, or a link to the questionnaire is sent to the individual employee. In both cases, the employee will remain anonymous. You will therefore get honest feedback and obtain a real picture of employee satisfaction. Our workplace assessment includes areas such as communication, recognition, co-operation, role clarity and motivation.

Satisfied and motivated employees are the main assets of the practice. It is important to understand the needs of your employees. You need to find out what they rate as good sides of their job and what they rate as less attractive.

It starts with insight. Our workplace assessment will help identify what can be successfully offered/implemented and how to keep your employees happy – with support from your team.

The optimal patient experience

InsightPraxis will give you insight, inspiration and knowledge, so you will be able to offer your patients the optimal patient experience every time they visit you.

This is the most important factor in your long-term strategy for success. InsightPraxis can make a difference.