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Would you like to optimize patient service and number of patients coming through the door and into your clinic each and every day – without major changes to your set up? Small adjustments, tailored specifically to your practice, can give fantastic results: More transactions, optimal patient care and increased turnover.

How do you attract patients to your practice?

You can make a real difference for the patient by optimizing their experience at the clinic, both before and during the visit. How they feel will very much influence their future choices. Excellent patient communication can result in happier and more loyal patients.

We are an innovative team of skilled specialists. Our work is always specifically tailored to the individual clinic and includes:

  • Patient satisfaction surveys

  • Employee workplace assessment


How is the patient’s experience?

It is important for dentists to understand the needs of their patients. Dentists are judged not only on their professional skills, but on the total patient experience and the overall impression the patients have of the clinic. It will influence the choices the patients make in the future and may determine whether they come back to the clinic or not, and whether they choose to recommend the clinic to others.

Patient satisfaction surveys – why?

Practices that have a strong, loyal patient base are often those committed to continuously working towards achieving patient satisfaction. They measure patient satisfaction at regular intervals to identify how they can make a difference for their patients. Loyal patients are critical to the profitability and success of a service oriented business. A patient satisfaction survey becomes the best possible leading indicator you can get, and will provide important information about how bright the future looks for your practice.

The practice is sending the patient an important message: “We care what you think and will work towards providing optimal care and service for you.”

Employee workplace assessment

InsightPraxis can help you conduct your workplace assessment and find out how your employees rate their working environment. The questionaire is downloaded on a tablet, or a link to the questionnaire is sent to the individual employee. In both cases, the employee will remain anonymous. You will get honest feedback and therefore obtain a real picture of employee satisfaction. Our workplace assessment includes areas such as communication, recognition, co-operation, role clarity and motivation.

Satisfied and motivated employees are the main assets of the practice. It is important to ask about and to understand the needs of your employees, and not just think that you already know. You need to find out what they rate as good sides of their job and what they rate as less attractive.

It starts with insight. Our workplace assessment will help identify what can be successfully offered/implemented and how to keep your employees happy – with support from your team.

The optimal patient experience

InsightPraxis will give you insight, inspiration and knowledge, so you will be able to offer your patients the optimal patient experience every time they visit you.

This is the most important factor in your long-term strategy for success. InsightPraxis can make a difference.