About InsightPraxis

InsightPraxis was started by Danish-Canadian veterinarian Lotte Davies in 2011.
Focus areas are excellent communication skills, the human–companion animal bond and how to improve the interaction between clients, practices and suppliers.

Lotte Davies

Key areas of expertise

Advising vets in companion animal practice: We now have the evidence and background knowledge required to show that a work culture, focusing on client communication and with special attention to the client experience at the clinic, is crucial for success in companion animal veterinary practice. Specific focus on preventive health care as well as strong and lasting client relationships are fundamental for long-term success.

Advising suppliers who sell products through veterinary practices: Pharmaceutical companies and pet nutrition companies, who sell products through veterinary practices, have unique challenges to consider in order to achieve best possible marketing and sale of their products through this channel. It is absolutely crucial to provide not only excellent technical data to the practice team, but also the necessary tools so the practice team clearly can communicate product benefits to their clients. This is an important prerequisite for optimal product success.


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Email: lotte.davies@insightpraxis.com

Behind InsightPraxis

Lotte Davies graduated as DMV (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) from University of Saskatchewan, Canada. Followed this up by obtaining veterinary authorization in UK and Denmark. Postgraduate education includes Diploma in Applied Clinical Behavior from the North American Postgraduate Institute and Danish Board Certification as Veterinary Practitioner (dogs and cats).

Lotte has a solid background from practice, industry and teaching institutions with more than 30 years international experience from Canada, UK and Scandinavia. She has been a speaker at many international and national conferences for veterinarians and veterinary nurses, has written a book for dog owners: Sund Hund – et aktivt hundeliv med fysisk og mental sundhed fra hvalp til seniorhund (Healthy Dog – focus on physical and mental health from puppy to senior dog), as well as numerous articles for pet owners focusing on health, preventive medicine and nutrition for dogs and cats.

Since 2011, where she started InsightPraxis, Lotte has worked as a consultant, coach and teacher for veterinary practices, university clinics, pet nutrition companies and pharmaceutical companies. Her long term teaching assignments include teaching clinical nutrition to final year veterinary students at Dept. Veterinary Clinical Sciences, University of Copenhagen, and to veterinary nurse students at Hansenberg Technical College in Denmark. She has also, together with Professor Charlotte Reinhard Bjørnvad DVM, PhD, Dipl. ECVCN, started up and taught at the first Scandinavian post graduate Clinical Nutrition specialization course for veterinary nurses.